Former Correctional Officer Reveals the Inner Workings of BCDC

After the announcement of the closing of the Baltimore City Detention Center, Erica Parker came forward to reveal the true conditions of the facility known as BCDC. She brings up many key issues with the failing system that ultimately led to a permanent close down of the facility. Understaffing is the first issue that arises. Each correctional officer was controlling 80-100 inmates at a time when the minimum would require 3 officers per 100 inmates. The number of officers on any given day were never consistent, the staffing was constantly changing. This isn’t even to mention the poor health conditions that were due lapses in proper treatment for the inmates. Many of the them carried different types of diseases that were highly contagious. In Erica’s case, she brought these viruses into her household. Her daughter was documented to have missed school 12 times in one semester due to her health. The conditions were truly horrendous at this facility. When Hogan announced the closure at the end of July, it took only a matter of weeks to shut down the operations. A quick and decisive finish to the decrepit Baltimore City Detention Center.

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