Festival of Trees

Over the holiday weekend in Baltimore the Festival of Trees had its annual showing at the Maryland state fairgrounds, kicking off the 2017 holiday season. In support of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, the event hall was decorated with hundreds of trees and gingerbread houses that were provided by the many local affiliates, organizations, and schools. Each of the decorations is designed unique of the creators vision and originality.

This three day event (Fri-Sun) is enjoyable to all its spectacturs. Hundreds moved throughout the crowds to experience the festive scene. This year they had performances from the dance and athletic teams along with activities for the adults and kids in “SantaLand”.

Nathaniel Bladder, long time artist and creator of “36 letters” Custom Photo Letter Art, was vending at the event this year. His business consists of art from different cities, towns, teams, and universities. The pictures that he takes to make the pieces comes from the actual location that the art spells.

Each letter is of a picture of an object that perceives to be the letters of the alphebet. He first began doing this after the Haiti earthquake in 2010, when he made his first sign and it spelled HOPE. After that he developed the concept into a business that shows a taste of the culture and the story behind it.

Overall they did a great job in making this years event festive and fun filled for everyone. They know how to begin the holiday season in brilliant fashion. This is Timothy Hudson reporting for the United News Network.

To see and follow Nathaniel’s work visit any of the links:






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