ASEA Researcher, Dr. Gary Samuelson Shares the Science Behind the Miracles of the ASEA Product

On Saturday in Rockville, Dr. Gary Samuelson a lead researcher in redox signaling shared how the ASEA product works and why it is such a benefit to people.  His research opened the door to the creation of the ASEA product you see today, which works to improve the way that cells communicate and with one another.  The human body is a host of trillions and trillions of cells.  Each of which is designed with a purpose and of healing functions to the body.  What they were able to do was basically stabilize salt and water to have both positive and negative particles.   When this happened it gives cells an incredible power relay messages more efficiently throughout the body to repair and improve the overall functions of the body, your liver, your digestion, your immune system, etc.  As the health of the cells improve so does the health of the person which has led to many miraculous breakthroughs to occur in people who signed up to the product.  Their supplement is designed to be taken daily to have the lasting benefits.  People have described their personal stories of health as incredible.   A woman who had kids who had been plagued with seizures all their lives had miraculously healing from using this product in which they are seizure free.  Another had a whole in her heart, one had breathing deficiencies, another with eye problems, all of which hadn’t taken a pill but had now introduced this product into their lives.   This unique formula that ASEA has developed is something never before seen.   The kick, however, is their product is not found in stores.  It is instead succeeding through word of mouth or network marketing so you have to buy it online or through an associate who is a part of the business.  They have been able to reach a vast market in a short amount of time, since 2010, now in 31 countries.  They report that 90 percent of people who do the 90 day structure, experience positive impacts in their health, their happiness, and just generally how they feel daily.  Feel free to visit them at online  and/or comment below about your take of this newer product on the market.

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