A21’s Walks for Freedom to End Human Trafficking

Denis Gomez, began a something new on Saturday, October 14th.  She, along with volunteers of A21 showed their support to the cause of abolishing human slavery all together, a problem that persists in many countries abroad.  Woman are being taken to be forced into prostitution, the children are being taken advantage of to work for little to no money, and people are being abused losing their rights as a people.   Where it stands today, human sex trafficking is a $150 billion industry with over 20 million people affected by it annually, the numbers are alarmingly high. A21 is an organization that is shedding light on these issues and are working to solve this problem worldwide.  They are currently in 11 countries helping victims of such crimes as well as spreading awareness of the problem and working with local officials to prevent it from happening.

In Baltimore, Denise Gomez became the lead organizer of A21’s activities in the Baltimore Region.  This past Saturday was their first imprint in Baltimore, new for the organization but not for Denise.  She has been working in Baltimore since 2009 on the subject of human slavery and abuse until she got the nod to be the lead for A21 in Baltimore this past year.  On that Saturday she was proud to lead the success of the first Walk for Freedom with lots of smiles.  She had roughly 50 volunteers walk with her beginning a new chapter for Denise and the A21 organization in Baltimore.

Be a part of the social change at A21.org.


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