40th District, Senator Barbara Robinson Hosts Annual Pre-Session Leadership Forum

Senator Barbara Robinson, was the host to the 40th District’s Annual Pre-Session Leadership Forum this past Saturday, January 6th at BioPark. She was joined by delegates and leaders of state government to discuss the current state and the implementations in the new year.
Key topics and speakers included:

1. Senator Barbara Robinson of the 40th District- Brought together the event. Mentioned her push to help small businesses especially women small business owners. March 28th her event is being held in Annapolis.

2. Sonja Santelises the CEO of Baltimore City School’s- She addressed the situation Baltimore City Schools are facing, along with maintenance of infrastructure issues. During the state of emergency schools are dealing with temperatures the coldest on record for two week period. She highlights the problem they are having in acquiring the funding to fix the heating at these schools. Mentions that they have had to involve private funders to provide resources to solve the problems.

3. Maryland Department of Health- Briefly touched upon the opium epidemic in Baltimore. Most recently they passed a law that restricted pharmaceuticals in raising prices of already prescribed drugs to patients. They are also working to protect citizens under the Affordable Care Act as new legislation from the Federal government is being passed. Also mentioned a new push to making knowledgeable decision making in purchasing prescription drugs. It is currently illegal to buy a drug of a different name even if it is the same drug contents.

4. Maryland Department of Aging- Spoke of a crisis within senior citizens of Baltimore City, that 41 % of seniors live in poverty. They are pushing for growing awareness to give resources and aid to these senior citizens, recently partnered with United Way in this effort.

5. Baltimore City Recreation and Parks- Spoke of the new extended hours for 7 Recreation Centers across Baltimore City. They are now open Friday’s til 10 pm and Saturdays from 5 pm to 12 am.

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